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Access this magazine globally from anywhere in the world! This magazine is medicine. It is what every girl and woman should be reading in today's world. This shift needs to happen and it starts with you. It is my heart's goal to make this magazine as authentic as possible. As high vibration as possible, centered around self-love and self-empowerment and sharing the magic and medicine that women carry around the globe.

What Makes ROAR Stand Out From The Rest?

~ We don’t use advertising to pay for the magazine. We actually choose to not have any advertising in it at all because we feel you are bombarded enough in your every day life with advertisements and we wanted the quality of articles, something raw, real and authentic to be the reason our subscribers keep coming back!

~ We feature women of all cultures, shapes and sizes in our magazine. One thing that drove the passion of ROAR to be created was seeing how unhealthy the magazines on the stands actually were by portraying this “perfect” body type to target women to feel guilty and stay in constant consumer mode. Well! No more of that BS!

~ We are not just a magazine, we are a Sisterhood! Every article is a woman from around the globe sharing her personal story and the ones that desire to share how to connect with them, will have that at the end of the article. We sometimes have videos as well, to make it more personal. Just one of the perks of having an online magazine. Plus we have our Facebook closed group where you can connect with other readers and some of the contributors as well as with myself, the creator of the magazine.

~ We are eco friendly as in, we are online only! This also means you can take us everywhere with you at all times. Be it on a plane or in a bus, if you have your cellphone, IPad or laptop than you can read ROAR.

~ We unleash with the Lunar Cycle. We are going back to the pre-dated calendars when women would cycle with the moons and honour their Moontime.

~ We hold space for women to feel fully heard, seen and loved. So when you read ROAR, you are not just reading another magazine, you are also holding space for your Sister that shared her story. There is a beautiful exchange that happens energetically.

Happy Pussy Moon Goddess!

Happy Pussy Moon! aka Beaver Moon in Taurus! I think all of these articles will speak to the Fierce Woman at heart.  

We hold space for so many amazing Sisters! 

Journeying With The Goddess ~ Diana Sass

Unleashing Your True Magic: Using Symbolic Language in your Spiritual Practice ~ Amelia Elise



Things I Love About my Period (That Patriarchy Doesn’t Want You to Know About) BY Karina Lafayette


Sovereignty♾Submission By Samantha Caroline Lavallée


Warrior Energy And The Feminine By Elisa Bes

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We are a Global magazine so our prices are in USD.

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The Creatrix of ROAR Magazine

Born on an island in East Coast, Canada. Melissa was always a creative person with a passion for doing inner work and helping others. Her background of being born into addictions and poverty was the perfect combination to dive into self-love.

Seeing how much it changed her life, she wanted to tell this secret to everyone and along the way hold sacred space for women to feel fully heard, seen and loved.

Much Love & Aloha



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