30 Day Self-Love Challenge


30 Day Self-Love Challenge


What your heart is saying YES! to when you receive this challenge

~ 30 Days of full support from me personally and within a collective group of women who are also on the same path of learning how to love themselves.

~ A Self-Love Routine that works for your needs, desires and schedule.

~ 4 Self-Love Rituals to play with at home

~ A weekly video release in our sacred space on topics such as setting up healthy boundaries. Dealing with triggers and abandonment issues. Learning to look at different areas in our life to see where our level of self-love is. Learning how to not give away your power.

~ 2 Live calls for all of us to have connect and talk about what comes up for us.

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Welcome to a sacred ritual of learning to love yourself up consistently, within a group of soul sisters all on the same journey.

When I learned how to consistently show up for myself on a daily basis and give myself what I needed, my life changed.

So I am sharing this with you.

This program is for you if:

~ You desire to fully show up for yourself.

~ You want to learn how to give to yourself and build your self-love.

~ You want to develop a consistent ritual of giving to yourself.

~ You love the energy of a collective group of women empowering each. other and sharing their journey.

~ You are ready to say YES! to give yourself what you need.

~ You desire to have support along your journey.

~You are willing and ready to do the work.

I will be present supporting you on your journey within the group. With a weekly check-in to see if you desire any support.