“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~Gandhi


Have you ever..

~ Wanted to make a difference in the world?

~Wanted to help change one person’s life?

~ Give purpose to the work you do in the world?

~ Inspire others to see themselves for how amazing they are?

I created the Beyouty Revolution, Self-Love Workshop based on my life experience, trauma and healing that I have gone through. Self-Love completely changed my life and healed so many aspects of myself that this gift was something I had to start sharing with the world. I work mainly with young girls and women but of course men and boys need this too and I trust you will share this work in whatever way best suits your heart within respecting the guidelines and morals of Beyouty Revolution.

This work is not for the faint at heart. It requires fully showing up. Doing your own inner work and bringing all of who you are, everywhere you go. Are you ready to change your life as well as others?

I created a series of training videos, workbooks, meditations for your journey

What you will receive

~ 4 part training video series

~ 4 Meditations pertaining to each topic

~ Activities you can use in the workshop to help inner work happen

~A contract to sign to honour the guidelines and mission of Beyouty Revolution

~ You will be added to a Sisterhood group for support and guidance anytime you need it.

Self-Love Facilitator Course
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This training is good for a year. We ask that you redo your training because we are always growing and expanding and want to make sure all facilitators are on the same page and in the same INTEGRITY


From My Workshop At The Covenant House, Shelter For Homeless Youth

~Everything about this workshop was amazing it teaches me a lot and opens up my mind to see things so differently.  She was amazing I love this workshop so much.

~How to live alone & love yourself.

~Would love to have her back again. This workshop is very powerful so it will touch many Lives.

~I loved that the focus is removed from all external things and brought back to empowering the individual on their own terms. The booklet is concise and exactly to the point.

~It was amazing, Melissa speaks so eloquently about the issues and gets exactly to the heart of the matter. Her real-life experience is extremely inspiring. 

~How you can help other people by making sure you’re okay first. You don’t have to help people to help people holding space is enough. 

~Small activities were amazing and how they related to self-love. Provided insightful advice and facilitated a safe space for discussion.

~I will not only use this workshop to help other young women but help myself star a self-love journey.