The Current Status Of Your Inner Warrioress

Boudica - Unity

As we bond together and rise in one sisterhood we are collectively breaking free of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us individually and as a whole. We are stronger together Sisters!


What Your Warrioress Is Trying To Tell You

The Muses ~ Inspiration

You will connect to your true self and state of being by following your joy and passions. Drop into your divine feminine and feed your inner light. What fans your flame Goddess?


What Shadows Need To Be Healed And Embraced?

Hera ~ Commitment

Stop abandoning yourself Love. You are worthy of the commitment you seek and it starts with learning how to consistently be there for yourself in ways you wish others had been.


What Fires Are Blocking You From Embracing Your Wild Self?

Maat ~ Justice

Not owning all of who you are. Feeling like you have been done wrong in some way and staying in victim mode. Take back your power Sister.


What Can You Build From The Fire Of Those Ashes?

White Buffalo Woman ~ Peace

Find your inner peace. It is called inner peace because that is the only place to find peace. Within yourself. Once you create peace within you than everything outside of you shifts along with your perspective.


What You Can Do To Collect The Stars And Return To Your Soul Place.

Qetesh ~ Pleasure

YES! YES! YES! This is the key my Love! Drop into what gives you pleasure in all ways in every part of your life. Dive into who you are and what sparks that fire inside of you.


What Your Future Looks Like After You Welcome Back Your Warrioress!

Oya ~ Power

You reclaim your inner power Queen. You own all of who you are unapologetically and step into your power.