ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising, Thunder Moon Issue


ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising, Thunder Moon Issue


Happy Thunder Moon Goddess!

I can’t even express how much I love what I do in moments like this.

I feel beyond honoured to hold sacred space for people to feel safe to be themselves and share their stories. This next issue has reached a new expansion into the divine feminine. I believe we all hold both masculine and feminine energy inside of us. Suppressing one or the other leads to an imbalance and depression. Regardless of your story, your gender or what you identify as. It all comes down to self-love. Learning how to hold space for yourself. 

Jays story of being an ex veteran and finally making the transition into being a man has come around full circle. To see him make that transition and finally embrace the feminine aspects of himself as well is beyond beautiful. It’s inspiring. 

Dive in with us Sister! 

Diana Sass ~ Journeying With The Goddess 

OmniSafira ~ Last Dance With Mary Jane

Mary Enns ~ Your Evolution Is Your Revolution

DANIELLE EUGENIA ~ Expressing The Goddess Within

Melissa Kelly ~ Desire & Self-Love

Stephanie Chinn ~ Her amazing illustrations

Nela Dolisni ~ Bohemian Rhapsody

Jasmine Lewis ~ Falling In Love With Pain

Amanda Gahm - This Fear

Maria Jones ~ Inspirations for your journey back to Avalon

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