ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising Harvest Moon


ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising Harvest Moon

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Happy Dive Diving Sister with Fall Equinox Harvest Full Moon!

Tis the season for Death & Rebirth and this is what our next issue of ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising Magazine is all about.

It's time to let go of the guilt and shame we carry as women and learn to embrace doing the work. This is a natural part of being human, yet we cause ourselves so much grief around the need to be perfect, or to be 'there' already, 

I encourage you to let go and give yourself permission to be exactly where you are at in this moment, for it is perfect for your journey.  

This month's Harvest Moon Issue features;

🍂Rising Harvest Moon, by Asha V Croggon with WholeHearted Changemakers

🍂Death & Rebirth Journey, Diving Into Shadow Work with Safira VinciOmniSafira

🍂Dear Mother, by Delia Beadle with Spirit Bear Rising

🍂Challenging Notions Of Self-Love Through Disability, by Melissa Simas

🍂Fear, Does It Control You Or Empower You by Rae Roach

🍂My Journey Of Empowerment By Ocean Iris

🍂Our Creatrix's, Hoodoo Goddess and Hatel Thakor

🍂Self-Love Art by Stephanie Chinn

🍂Our Solar Forecast with Maria Jones, Inspirations For Your Journey Back To Avalon.