ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising, Snow Moon


ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising, Snow Moon

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I wanted to create a magazine that wasn’t full of body shaming and products to make us look better and feel “beautiful”.

I magazine full of the reality of how diverse and truly beautiful women already are.

A sacred space for women to feel fully, heard, seen and loved. To connect our Sisters globally.

It’s centered around self-empowerment through inner self-love. There is no need to be perfect in this magazine, your imperfections are perfect enough.

You can exhale and enjoy women sharing their journey and life experiences.

It’s time to take back our body, honor ourselves and own all of who we are.

Those battle scars are what make you the fierce Feminine Rising Queen you are. Own it, Goddess! 🔥

This Full Moon We Dive Into
Snow Moon Energy / Letting the Moon Guide You Into Self-Love / Call for Balance with Equinox for Changemakers / International Women's Day /Awakening My Essence / Learning To Love The Skin I am In / The Divine Feminine App, Finding Your Sacred Circle /The Modern Day Goddess /Calling on Lilith / 4 Ways To Not Take Things Personal / Wise Woman /Lean Into Fear / You Solar Forecast