ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising, Pink Moon


ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising, Pink Moon


This Pink moon asks you to see the ways and places where you are being distracted between the forest and the temple. The ways you bring fuel to other people's dreams as a way to avoid your own.

Remember that fire needs air, as well as fuel, to survive and thrive. Gift the dreams of others with the soft breath of your belief in them. The in'couragement to keep moving forward.

Because when you dump your fuel onto the fire of others as a form of self-sabotage, it does not help either of you. Your attention, your commitment as distraction, can be enough to snuff out their joy. Or lead them in a direction that is not theirs to walk.

Instead tend your flame with the fuel of your inspiration, the fuel of your habits, the fuel of your tender devotion and allow it's warmth and light to inspire others to tend their own.

This full moon asks you to look softly, yet unflinchingly, at the ways you avoid your flame each day and make another choice.

Your presence is needed. Fuel yourself so you may bring a warmth and light into your world.

This is less about filling up and flowing out. And more about tending your flame so diligently that your presence spreads warmth and light in the world.

This full moon asks you to be the sun, not the scullery maid, in your world. ~Asha V Croggon

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