Congrats On Being Selected For ROAR Magazine. Here Are Some Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Experience.



Like And Follow ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising

So when I post about the magazine, I can properly tag you in all the social media pages.

Before The Unleash

It is my goal to have all the edits done around the New Moon. I will send you the PDF of your article at that time and ask that you have a look over it to make sure you are happy. I allow editing to grammar and photos. Not layout or structure. I will let you know the final dates I am making the edits and if I do not hear back, I will assume the article is to satisfaction.

I will than send you JPEGS of your article, so you can share a piece of it with your tribe and let them know it will unleash on the next Full Moon. Please tag Roar Fierce Feminine Rising Magazine on Facebook. 

I ask that you commit to sharing a few days before the unleash and the day it comes out.


When We Unleash On The Full Moon

I will send you a link with a password, where you can download a full copy of your issue of ROAR Magazine for free.