Self-Love Fire Starter & Artist

My Self-Love journey has lead me to find what True Love is. Our natural state of Being. We do not fall in love, we rise in love. It is our birth right to feel loved, nourished, happy and in our authentic state of joy and passion. We don't need another person to experience the love that we seek. We can give ourselves everything we need and than share from a place of overflow.  It's time to take your power back. Your life is always a reflection of how much self-love you currently hold for yourself, and as that get's stronger, and more positive, so does everything else in your life.

"The most important relationship you will ever have, is the one you have with yourself!"

Are You Ready To Start Your Revolution?

Are you ready to be Empowered? To be in control of your thoughts and emotions. To feel more balanced and energized throughout your day and life? To feel Nurtured, Loved and Enough just the way you are in this very moment.

Loving yourself is a revolutionary act, that is a choice. It's a change in lifestyle,  not a destination. The growth you will receive and impact of learning to love yourself will be life changing. To Love your body, your mind, your soul and shadow.

To allow yourself time to connect with yourself and learn to give from a place of overflow. In this world where you are being constantly bombarded with images and judgements around what is beautiful and what isn't ... it's time to claim your beauty.   And that's all about being YOU!


I Believe The Root Of All Suffering, Is Lack Of Self-Love, And Connection to Self.
— Melissa Kelly