Self-Love Goddesses, Lioness Warrior's & Fierce Feminine Rising Group Guidelines

Welcome Sister,

My Intention For The Group; To create a high vibe, sacred space for women to feel fully seen, heard and loved. To support you in sharing your medicine and to share my knowledge with you and help you on your self-love journey, back home to yourself. 

Who Am I?


Hi Goddess, I'm Melissa.  I was born into addictions. My father left when I was 6 months old and my mother suffered from drug and alcohol abuse due to her own childhood trauma. 

I started working at the age 10, to pay for my school lunches and sought out professional councillors and therapist from the age of 12-24. I continued my healing journey on my own after that. I wanted to make sure I was going to be as healthy of an individual, as possible. 

My WHY behind what I do, is my Mother. My situation forced me to learn my own self-worth, but also have a deep desire to show my Mother, hers. 

My gift in photography, and own self-realizations on my self-love journey, inspired me to want to help other women and girls on their own journey back home to themselves.

I now have a women's empowerment magazine called ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising, I work with women and girls teaching self-love with The Beyouty Revolution and am a Stunt Woman for film and television.

Much Love and Aloha,


Please Respect Your Fellow Sister And Follow The Group Guidelines;

Inner Goddess Guidance Monday's ~ Tapping Into Your Inner Goddess Guidance.

Tuesday ~ #Opentopic

Warrioress Wednesday’s ~ Share your Gratitude’s

Thursday ~ #Opentopic

Feral Friday’s ~ Share your fav Divine Feminine Rituals, Self-Care Practices or Meditations. 

Saturday ~ Post a FB Live Video or Share your business page, or what your current offerings are.

Sunday - #Opentopic


Posts That Won't Be Accepted;

  • Sharing your business page directly to the group on any other day besides Saturday. This comes across as ingenuine and too salesly. If you are in the group just to grow your business, than this group is not for you.


Harrasement Is NOT Tolerated

  • Anyone who makes a rude or harrassing comment, will be removed from the group right away.

  • Competition is not welcome here.

If Your Interested In Writing for ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising Magazine or Working With Me, Feel Free To Visit My Website